Hidden Gems

  • Ķīn
    Movie + 10 extras


    Movie + 10 extras

    Watch Kin at the National Theatre with a National Theatre at Home subscription.

    In 1932, Leah and her family escaped persecution and embarked on a journey from Yemen to Palestine.

    Ninety years later, her grandson Amit Lahav (Artistic Director of Gecko) reflects on the life-changing decision h...

  • Mosquitoes
    Movie + 9 extras


    Movie + 9 extras

    In 2008, as the Large Hadron Collider searches for the Higgs boson, tragedy throws two sisters together. The collision threatens them all with chaos.

    Olivia Colman and Olivia Williams play the sisters in this drama from writer Lucy Kirkwood.

    Originally commissioned by Manhattan Theatre Club...

  • Chewing Gum Dreams
    Movie + 7 extras

    Chewing Gum Dreams

    Movie + 7 extras

    Meet Tracey Gordon. Friendship, sex, UK garage, school, teachers, periods, emergency contraception, raves, tampons, white boys, God, money. Friendship.

    The more she learns about the world the less she understands. Michaela Coel plays Tracey in this one-woman play that recalls the last days of in...

  • Antigone
    Movie + 10 extras


    Movie + 10 extras

    The new King Creon is desperate to gain control over a city ravaged by civil war and refuses to bury the body of Antigone's rebellious brother. Outraged, she defies him and honours her brother. Creon takes action against her, risking the wrath of the gods.

    Christopher Eccleston and Jodie Whitta...

  • Consent
    Movie + 10 extras


    Movie + 10 extras

    Friends take opposing briefs in a rape case. The key witness is a woman whose life seems a world away from theirs. At home, their own lives begin to unravel as every version of the truth is challenged.

    Nina Raine’s funny, painful and challenging play sifts the evidence from every side and puts ...

  • A Taste of Honey
    Movie + 8 extras

    A Taste of Honey

    Movie + 8 extras

    Lesley Sharp (Paradise) leads the cast as Helen in this gritty depiction of working-class life in post-war Britain. This production is an exhilarating portrayal of the vulnerabilities and strengths of the female spirit in a deprived and restless world.

    When her mother Helen runs off with a car...

  • 'Master Harold'...and the boys

    Movie + 11 extras

    St George's Park Tea Room, Port Elizabeth, 1950. On a long rainy afternoon, employees Sam and Willie practise their steps for the finals of the ballroom dancing championship.

    Hally arrives from school to hide out in his parents’ tea room. These two men have been unlikely best friends to Hally ...

  • Death of England
    Movie + 11 extras

    Death of England

    Movie + 11 extras

    After the death of his dad, Michael is powerless and angry.

    In a state of heartbreak, he confronts the difficult truths about his father’s legacy and the country that shaped him.

    At the funeral, unannounced and unprepared, Michael decides it is time to speak.

    Rafe Spall (Hedda Gabler) perf...

  • Faith, Hope & Charity
    Movie + 10 extras

    Faith, Hope & Charity

    Movie + 10 extras

    Watch Faith, Hope and Charity with a theatre subscription from National Theatre at Home.

    In a run-down community hall on the edge of town, a woman has been cooking lunch for those in need.

    A choir is starting up, run by a volunteer who’s looking for a new beginning. A mother is seeking help i...

  • HOME
    Movie + 8 extras


    Movie + 8 extras

    Bullet doesn’t want to call a hostel home. Eritrean Girl was smuggled here in a lorry. Singing Boy dreams of seeing his name in lights and Garden Boy just wants to feel safe.

    Homelessness amongst young people in the UK is at a record high, so when the big society doesn’t work – where do you go? ...

  • I Want My Hat Back
    Movie + 8 extras

    I Want My Hat Back

    Movie + 8 extras

    Bear's hat is gone. He loves his hat. He wants it back. He asks all the animals in the forest, but no one has seen it. WAIT! He has seen it somewhere...

    Wils Wilson directs Jon Klassen’s children’s picture book classic, I Want My Hat Back. Featuring music by Arthur Darvill and a book and lyrics...

  • Three Sisters
    Movie + 9 extras

    Three Sisters

    Movie + 9 extras

    Nigeria, 1967. Three sisters, grieving the loss of their father, long to return to their former home in Lagos as conflict encroaches on their provincial village.

    Chekhov’s iconic characters are relocated to Nigeria on the brink of the Biafran Civil War in this bold adaptation by Inua Ellams.

  • Dara
    Movie + 9 extras


    Movie + 9 extras

    1659 Mughal India. A ferocious war of succession rages between the heirs to the Muslim empire; two brothers with very different visions of its future.

    Shahid Nadeem's epic tale of the dispute that shaped modern-day India and Pakistan is directed by Nadia Fall.

    Originally performed by Ajoka Th...

  • LOVE
    Movie + 7 extras


    Movie + 7 extras

    In the run up to Christmas, three families are placed into cramped temporary accommodation.

    A middle-aged man and his elderly mum, a young family with a baby on the way, a newly arrived woman from Sudan. Strangers. Forced together. No space is personal.

    You are invited to bear witness to an i...

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